A Post a Day Keeps the Fear Away

I am pretty terrified to write. There, I said it. You have no idea how many drafts of posts, documents, and notes sit on my computer. I have literally hundreds of started articles, half-written blog posts, and one-verse songs. I’ve never considered myself a perfectionist because it doesn’t really impact any other area of my… (Keep Reading)

Hidden Figures: It Hasn’t Been That Long

We just finished Hidden Figures — a wonderful film! It tells the story of some amazing black women who were crucial to the success of the NASA space program in its early days. It was 1961 and bathrooms and coffee pots were still segregated in Virginia. As we watched, I was struck by the fact that it… (Keep Reading)

2016 Reading List

At the end of 2014, I made a goal of reading at least 10 pages of a book every day. This seemingly small goal revolutionized my life. In 2015, I read more books than I had read in the rest of my life combined. It sparked a passion for slowing down and consuming written works…. (Keep Reading)

Did God Kill Jesus?

Up until a couple years ago, I would have presented the message of Christianity (the “Gospel”) this way: All humans have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory. He’s perfectly just, so he has to punish sin. He punishes sin with death. You are a sinner and God must punish you forever in hell. Jesus… (Keep Reading)

A Love That Lets Go

In August of 2015, I became a father. I remember watching her tiny eyes flicker open for the first time. Neither of us could stop looking at the other one — both of us trying to take in who this new human was and what this meant. It was incredibly powerful and possibly the most… (Keep Reading)

Reconnected Life

At 18, I boarded a 747 from San Francisco to Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Hours later I find myself eating all kinds of exciting new foods, swimming in waterfalls in virgin rainforests, exploring temples and mosques and staring up at the world’s tallest twin towers. Stunning places. Lovely people. A lifetime of adventure in just a few… (Keep Reading)

We Walk

The best day came unexpectedly I would have thought it more Than simply walking by the road Holding your tiny body in my arms Feet dangling, head rested My chest the happy pillow Arms wrapped round my arms Delighted just to be together We walk. My feet work for us both I describe everything I… (Keep Reading)

The Last Generation of People Who Hate Their Jobs

My memory is pretty bad, but there are a few things etched in my mind: when I first laid eyes on my wife. The moment the doors opened at the back of the church and she turned the corner to walk down the aisle. The birth of my daughter. But, I also won’t forget this… (Keep Reading)

Stop Hating Work

It’s time we surrendered to the truth: We’re not really happy at work. We live in a world of hover-boards and Siri, of possibility and opportunity. It’s evident that we have advanced 200 years beyond the industrial revolution. Yet while we live in these advanced societies of freedom and democracy, we choose to work in… (Keep Reading)

2014 Lessons

It’s common to look forward and forget to look back. I don’t struggle with that. I reflect a lot — much of my day is spent reflecting. I reflect on things from minutes ago, days ago, months ago and sometimes even many years ago. I think back to conversations I had and teachings I heard. I recall people that have come into and out… (Keep Reading)