And just like that
Someone gave up
Half of your childhood days
Oh I could never
Ever make
That kind of foolish trade

To give up half
Of all the times
You come to me to cuddle
And half the times
We grab our boots
To run and jump in puddles

I could never trade
Half the days
Watching your face as you think
Or half the ways
You find to reach
And wash in the kitchen sink

Half the underdogs
And little green frogs
All the songs we sing in the car
Half the water fights
And fun date nights
And looking for shooting stars

Half the hugs
Half the bugs
Half the tickle wars til we can’t breathe
Half the puzzles
Half the snuggles
Half of the funny faces til we can’t see

To give up half
Of every laugh
Every blonde hair I see
And every no
And every please
And every “one more time, daddy!”

How could I lose
Half of these days
Watching you grow and become
How could I trade
Even just a day?
I treasure every single one