Since I graduated college in 2008, I have started or been involved in the following companies and projects:

A full suite of social media tools for small business and individuals, and a company exploring the future of work. (I am the biggest Buffer fanboy!)

Almost Heretical
A podcast with my friend Tim Ritter, re-thinking the orthodoxy of American reformed theology and evangelicalism.

A social media scheduling tool that recycles evergreen posts.

A story-based resume that allows you to showcase your personality and experiences.

A job board for companies to show how they care for their teammates.

The longest-running Apple rumor and news site.

A mobile app that lets you listen to daily news stories, hand-picked by our editors from online and print sources, voiced by real people.

Crazy Love
A digital media library for NY Times best-selling author Francis Chan.

We Are Church
A network of financially-sustainable home churches.

The largest Christian radio station in the US.